Firm secures reinstatement for three employees in religious discrimination case

April 20, 2015

The Washington Nationals have reinstated three employees who during Opening Week sued the Nats for religious discrimination.  The three – Tony Green, Lloyd Cobey and Ralph Jones – are Seventh-day Adventists.  Their religious belief does not permit working on their Sabbath (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday).

All three men are retired Federal managers and baseball fans.  In the 2013 season, they worked during Nats games as Guest Services Representatives, the ball park staff who show fans to their seats and field inquiries.  They were fired after the 2013 season because they could not work on their Sabbath (night games on Friday or day games on Saturday), and the firm brought suit under both federal and local laws requiring employers to reasonably accommodate an employee’s genuine religious beliefs if doing so would not cause an undue hardship.  Approximately one week after suit was filed, the Nationals offered each of them “unconditional reinstatement” with an accommodation – meaning that they will not be required to work during the Sabbath.  The lawsuit will continue in an effort to secure complete “make-whole” relief for the injuries they have suffered.  

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